DragonsLogoPurple-gradient_250Dragons Net Solutions is a mother and daughter owned company specialising in enabling self management for small business owners who want to take control of their own WordPress sites and all aspects of their Social Media Campaigns.

It’s so important to have a website that YOU have control over, that will free you from the grips of your webmaster and that you can update whenever you want for NO COST! Those of you who have to make a phone call for the slightest website change will truly understand the importance of this aspect.

We take time to meet with the client to ensure that we are able to meet their needs accurately and will spend time working with them until we get it right before handing over the reins of the site to a satisfied client.

We prefer to work with clients who are willing to take the time to utilise our WordPress training to at least reach a basic understanding of how to make simple changes to their website , we are not copy writers and feel that the best person to give that personal feel to the website is the owner. HOWEVER, for those who don’t have the time or inclination to do the ‘housekeeping’  tasks such as basic software updates etc, we do offer a monthly package to take care of the techie stuff each month.

Please contact us for more information on our monthly maintenance package.

We don’t build ‘cookie cutter’ sites, all our sites are customised and matched exactly to the clients needs with a view to future expansion should they need it later.

We can also move your existing site over to the WordPress platform which will allow you to take FULL control of your website, which in many cases, ‘releases’ you from the hassle of having to go back to the website developer who has control of your site for each and every change you want to make.

Dragons Net Solutions offer a series of WordPress tutorials that are freely available to our clients enabling you to familiarise yourself with WordPress functions very quickly.

Costs for rebuilding your existing site on the WordPress platform very much depend on the size and functionality of your current site, for more info, please CLICK HERE.


WordPress – What We Do

After the initial consultation, we will design a WordPress site to the Client’s specifications, using client supplied copy and graphics.

Basic WordPress Plugins ( Apps ) will be installed to meet with the Client’s requirements together with basic Social Platform Plugins, Widgets and Links.

Once the site has been accepted by the client as meeting their expectations ( never a problem for us as we ALWAYS tend to over deliver ! ) we will begin training the Client to manage their own WordPress site using either phone instructions or customised mini video clips. We are able to offer training in the Clients home or office where required although we do find that the aforementioned methods are usually quite sufficient.

We also offer our Clients full access to our WordPress Training videos which cover every aspect of building and managing WordPress sites.

 3D-Women-Shooting-01_200Video Editing

We offer Client Introduction video editing services to help you make that personal connection with your client, as the saying goes ” You can only make a first impression once ! ” and first impressions are SO important, if a potential client does NOT like the look of your online presence, they will click away and find a site that DOES catch their eye!

We use  the latest highly acclaimed  Easy Video Suite to format and display your videos. This is a very sophisticated software that will ensure your video displays correctly on any platform and has extensive social media sharing capabilities built in, click the  Easy Video Suite link to find out more, it really is an AMAZING piece of software.

Imagine having your product sign up form displayed immediately after your video ends,  or a page of your choice to load to appear during the video, these are just a couple of the professional functions provided through Easy Video Suite.

Social Media Platforms

One of the major strengths of Dragons Net Solutions is to develop robust Social Media strategies.

Always keeping on top of the latest trends and changes, we use all the major Social Media platforms to generate Social Media Campaigns that will elevate our Clients’ business to the next level. Social Media planning is the speciality of our Dragon partner Hana, through her experience working for major companies such as Harrods, London,  she has the knowledge and foresight to formulate effective Social Media Campaigns that the client can then manage themselves.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc , we will use all or any that are relevant to your website goals in your personalised  Social Media Campaigns.

Shopping Carts

Depending on requirements, we will use PayPal eCommerce solutions or for larger projects with more saleable items we move on to more robust eCommerce solutions, from the major eCommerce providers. Generally, we find that using PayPal is more than sufficient and has the added bonus of not needing the hassle of acquiring and setting up an SSL certificate for secure shopping, which is automatically included in the PayPal buying process.

Our preferred choice of custom WordPress themes by developers Woo Themes,  integrates beautifully with their own eCommerce solution Woo Commerce delivering enterprise-level quality & features.