computer-frustration-300x207You’ve GOT your business up and running, 
how the HECK do you get a website?

Dragons Net Solutions specialise in enabling WordPress website self management for small business owners who want to take control of their own WordPress sites and all aspects of their Social Media Campaigns.

It’s hard enough to start up your own business, there always seems to be SO much to do. You KNOW you need to have a web presence before you can start offering your services to a wider audience, but….

where do you start ?

Did you know that WordPress is THE most widely used online software for building your website?
It can be used either for a static site but seriously comes into its own when used as content managed website using the WordPress built in blogging facility.

But, although WordPress is an extremely user friendly software, you do need to know the basics before you can get started and for a small business owner just starting out on the website journey, the web is a very confusing place.


3D-Women-Question-02Domain names??

How and WHERE do you get one?

How much will it cost?

WHERE do you ‘store’ your website?

Should you use the free webspace that’s available from your internet provider?

Should you also use THEIR free website builder? or their online shop builder?

Will you be able to update the website easily?


When you already KNOW the answers to these basic questions you can get started, but WHO has time to research all this stuff when you are SO busy dealing with the strategies involved in building up your business !!

Here at Dragons Net Solutions, we show our clients the initial steps for getting a presence online and we provide training along the way until they are quite confident and comfortable with basic updates and maintenance of theirsite with the aim for then to take over management of their website themselves.

Our typical client usually fits this pattern:

  • Has their business up and running
  • Wants to understand the process of setting up a website
  • Wants to learn basic WordPress skills in order to manage their own website
  • Has basic word processing skills
  • Wants to get site up and running quickly in order to focus on their business

If this is you and you would like info on our services, please contact us.